Holidays in Annecy

The city of Annecy is called the Venice of the Alps and is an ideal destination for holiday destinations in both winter and summer. The city is located between the lake and the mountains and offers numerous recreational activities. Moreover, the city is rich in history, culture and gastronomy, so that the whole family can enjoy it to taste. If you want to spend an unforgettable vacation in Annecy, here are some of the hobbies that you can definitely try.

Go around Lake Annecy and take advantage of the available activities

Located next to Lake Annecy, in the center of town, the camping ideal is the perfect place to settle down and spend an active holiday with various activities such as swimming, stand-up paddle, cycling, hiking, fishing, sailing, pedalos , diving, etc. The lake water is of icy origin and is very calm and conducive to practicing many recreational activities. In addition, you will find many beautiful beaches nearby where you can relax, make sand castles, beach volleyball, etc. Then several companies offer boat trips on Lake Annecy to enjoy beautiful views and otherwise admire the wonders of the city. If you like camping, you will have a Lake Annecy campsite without any problems. The diversity of accommodation (mobile home, caravan, camping place, etc.), recreational facilities (swimming pool, slide, playgrounds) and activities offered by a camping lake Annecy only contribute to the charms of the lake. Annecy.

Walk through the old city

Very close to Lake Annecy is the old town famous for its small alleys and houses. It is a historic city where you can admire 17th-century market arcades, beautiful old houses and an exceptional religious heritage.

Go to the Pâquier

The Pâquier is located near the city ring. It is an extensive lung of 7 hectares of greenery adjacent to the Annecy basin. This large green space makes it possible to decorate the edges of the lake. You will find in particular beaches, the gardens of Europe, the gardens of the Imperial Palace, the Pont des Amours which offers a beautiful view of the lake and the casino. Every year, in early August, the Fête du Lac is organized in Pâquier, allowing many visitors to enjoy the festivities and spend unforgettable moments.

Admire the island's palace

The island's palace, also known as the old prison, is a remarkable building that is very famous in the region. It is an old fortified house that was built in the 12th century and has taken many positions over time. Indeed, this historic monument was initially a prison, then a court and an administrative center, then a school. It currently houses the center of architecture and heritage of the city.

Enjoy the products of the region

Annecy is also known for its gastronomic specialties. It would be a shame not to taste the products of the region during your visit to the city. So don't miss traditional recipes such as raclette, Savoyard fondue, buckwheat pasta, tartiflette, diots, crozets and more. You will also find less well-known specialties such as chocolates filled with coffee liqueur, reed, grilled fish caught in the lake ...


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