Naked holidays in France

If you need to recharge your batteries while entering full contact with nature in a nudist camp, for example, why not try a naked holidays in France? The country has countless camps open to anyone wishing to practice naturism whether beginners or amateurs. Whether in the countryside, seaside, on a river, you have a wide choice.

The most popular campsites

In France, you can choose between several types of camping. If you are in Vendays Montalivet, you can, for example, make a turn at the CHM Monta would be your ideal. This center is the 46th avenue of Europe in Lesparre. It is open all year. Then you can check it out regardless of the season. If you are not around, Euronat can be your next destination. It is open from April to October and is located in Grayan Hospital. Arnaoutchot also part of the most famous naturist campsites throughout France. You can go there between April and one in September. What differentiates it from other campsites is that it has treehouse. This will allow you to fully relive the era of Tarzan. This village is located in Vielle St Girons on the road to Moliets.

Other campsites to know

In France, naturist campsites abound. If you have not found the perfect among those cited above, you can always opt for the mill of the Round in Vatan or the Petite Brenne in Luzeret. These are all open from April to September. Sérignan Beach Nature also expected to Sérignan to help you find yourself and relax without forgetting the well being that you get during your stay. The Ventous Arles sur Tech is a place not to be missed as Devèze or C.H.M Rene Oltra. Anyway, many naturist campsites that offer you a pleasant stay in France. Just find one that will best suit your needs and your budget.


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